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INCAT Alumni Association of Hawaii


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April 28, 2001

Top Ten OFCC Unit Organization
3 Presidential awards
4 Filcom Center awards

Photos by: William Cudal

Going Back to INCAT

    1. Two of our members, Marina Corpuz and Richard Abadilla visited INCAT in February 5, 2001 and took this picture along with the group of students currently sponsored by INCAT Alumni Association of Hawaii and students that are individually sponsored by some of our members. Included in this picture is the Superintendent of INCAT, Mr. Eugenio Pedro and the Head Teacher/Supervisor, Mrs. Cristina Ballesteros.

    2. This picture is taken with some of the teachers in INCAT, Mrs. Imelda Calivoso, the Guidance Counselor, Food Trades Teacher Miss Remigia Palacay, Dressmaking Teacher, Mrs Pacita Coloma Ratuita and Head Teacher/Supervisor, Mrs. Cristina Ballesteros.

    3. Our two members posing with Mr. Segundo Ancheta (center) in front of his shop, the former Radio Mechanics shop and now called Industrial Electricity. Mr. Ancheta is one of INCAT's old timer staff still in service.

    4. This is the United Laoaguenos of Hawaii float for our member Marina Corpuz and daughter Jessica during the Pamulinawen 2001 Festival and Floral Parade in Laoag City, Philippines. The float was built and designed by INCAT Drafting Teacher, Samuel Ramos. He is one of the old timer still in INCAT staff ever since the 70's.

    5. This is the back of the float bearing the name of our Association as a sponsor.

    6. Tasha, one of our honorary member join the original crowd shown in picture 1.

Christmas Party at Blaisdell Park, Pearl City, Hawaii, December 10, 2000.

Our 1st picnic/membership meeting at Blaisdell Park January 9, 2000. More schoolmates came in to join us.

1st Re-union and Installation of officers
Pacific Beach Hotel, March 17, 2000

Our very own INCAT Alumni Association of Hawaii hula dancers performed at the Filcom Center groundbreaking ceremony in Waipahu, March 18, 2000 wherein dignitaries are present including Ambassador to the U.S. Honorable Ernesto Maceda.

Our hula dancers performed during the 8th Annual Filipino Fiesta and Parade held in Waipahu, Hawaii May 13, 2000. Most of the original dancers did not participate but somehow, Miss Hawaii Filipina 1998 Jessica Corpuz together with her mother, one of our alumni joined in the group.

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